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Lowcountry Catering

We're excited to cater your next event! Please contact us for pricing and additional information.

Full Scale Catering 

Like the event shown above; hire Lowcountry Lobster for your next full scale event! Ideal for 100+ guests. Enjoy a variety of menu options that can be altered for your needs and a professional staff to serve your guests. 

      Foodtruck Catering                                  Drop Off                                              DIY Kit

Our Foodtruck Catering option is the full food truck experience!


Ideal for 100+ people. Prepay for a fixed number of people and let your guests enjoy the full experience.


We serve guests directly out of our truck so no additional servers are required.

The Drop off catering option is best for parties between 25 and 75 people.


The Lowcountry Lobster truck will pull in front of your house or business at a specific time, prepare your menu items and drop them off. 


 Items are typically placed on large serving trays, which can be used by your serving teams. 

Our DIY option makes for a fun and economical way to throw a lobster party at your home or office.


Our DIY Kit comes with everything you'll need to make our delicious lobster rolls in your own kitchen, including detailed instructions.



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